House Gary


Julian Rizhanovsky

Theydies and gentlethem, attach your seatbelts and get ready for the wild ride that is Frosh Week.  My name is Ji.. Julian and I’m in my 3rd ish (±1) year of industrial engineering!  I’m your captain for House Gary. I’m not even going say we’re the best house, because deep down, everyone already knows the answer to that question.  I’m an avid memer, napper and most my time is spent in the RESS office! Biggest tip I can give you: don’t ever get a doctor’s note… it won’t be your last (yes, there’s a story with that).


Arianna Economou

Hey y’all! I’m Arianna, the Co-Captain for House Gary. I’m going into my 2nd year of Chemical Engineering here at Ryerson. Besides being a Co-Captain for an absolutely house, I like long train rides along the beach (Lakeshore East GO riders know) and enjoy a good meme every now and then. I’m always happy to share my own stories of first year in hopes of helping others (I got lotssss to share), even feel free to ask me about my nickname too because I promiseee it’s not as bad as it looks .  But some big tips for now: find a place to nap on campus, find friends who’ll wake you up for clicker questions, and come to frosh. Seriously you’ll make so many memories and friends in just five days, it’s a one of a kind time. So I hope to see y’all there!