House Krabs


Tarab Shah

“Hi, my name is Tarab and I’m in third year aerospace!” is the last thing you’ll hear before being roped into House Krabs [best house best house]. Tarab [or Terube] gets tarab-ly excited over everything, but she’s never been more shook than to be your captain! Tarab is an expert at all things Ryerson – Pro Tip: take 8ams in DSQ, you’ll be asleep again by 8:01 [don’t forget those Crocs!]. She notes university life is like a plane ride, first you’re rising to the top, next you’re free-falling faster than Tesla stocks after an Elon tweet. Don’t worry though, there’s nothing a shorter haircut can’t fix! [TL;DR TARAB QUEEN, KRABS BEST]


Levi à Gregorash

Here’s a quick run down: Legal name is Levi 2.5th year aerospace. From the great province of Peopletoba [fuck yeah equity]. Co-captain of House Mr. Krabs [best house best house]. Major Tom to Bround Control. Interests include (unhealthy) obsession with Elon Musk, space shit. Linear algebra isnt his strong suit. He’s also a…………. Capricorn [Take that as you will >.<]

In all seriousness, Levi is one of the best people to be co-captain. He is the perfect blend of city boy summer and the boy you wanna introduce to your parents. Catch him in his usual bs garb aka covies and a space themed tshirt and come say hello. Be careful not to use too much toronto slang though, country boy and all you know? [COUNTRY BOOYYY I LLOOOVVEEE YOUUU]