House Patrick


Alessandro Quagliotto

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Ahoy there! My name is Alessandro Quagliotto (not RICK!!!), I’m in my 3rd year of mechanical engineering (aka Wumbology), and I’m the captain for House Patrick. A few things about me: I like telling stories (the ugly barnacle is my favourite), visiting FINLAND!, enjoying Krabby Patty’s at 3AM, and doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else before (I have the trophy to prove). As captain it is my job to make sure you folks have the best week of your university career and I’m excited to meet all of you. Hopefully I can firmly grasp this!


Oisín Childerson

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Hi there! My name is Oisin (pronounced Uh-sheen) and I’m the co-captain for House Patrick. I’m a second year Mechanical Engineering student (not Industrial, despite my nickname) and the co-cap for House Patrick. I love shouting, chanting, and singing our engineering songs, and I can’t wait to start sharing them with you. I hope to see all of you for as much of Frosh week as possible (it’s worth it) and help you into the RyEng family 🙂