House Sandy


Alexa Bautista

froshlexa (plz use this)

Haw Yee! I’m Alexa and I’m House Sandy Captain. I’m currently going into my 3rd year of Industrial Engineering, but also, not really.

Here’s everything you need to know about me! I am:

  • A Libra™ 
  • An ice cream lover
  • Not a fan of Amazon Alexa references
  • Someone who has been on many bad dates
  • Quite Fond™ of using The Trademark™ Symbol

The time of the Yeehaw Agenda is upon us. I think it’s best that we giddy on up and celebrate Sandy Cheeks as our true Country Queen™. 


Sydney Mangilit

froshney pic 1

Howdy folks, my name is Sydney, Co-Captain of House Sandy! I’m a transfer student from friendly Manitoba and a second year chemical engineering student with a passion for eating. No cap if you know of good food spots, let a sis know. This year, I’ll not only be one of your co-captains/frosh leaders, I’ll also be VP Social (winter) on RyeChemU, the chemical engineering course union (keep an eye out for our annual holiday bash this year). Outside of Rye, I looove being outside whether it’s exploring Toronto or exploring the wilderness. We love hiking!!! You’ll most likely catch me around Kerr Hall doing work (or taking an ootd…), eating, or at the RAC. 

I can’t wait to meet all of you folks. It’s going to be a super fun week. Ok thanks for listening to my TED talk. YEEHAW!!