House Spongebob


Erica Romaniuk


ARE YOU READY KIDS?! [Correct response: AYE AYE CAPTAIN!!] I am Erica, also known as Dye Job, and I am your captain for SPONGE HOUSE For SPONGE FROSH [BEEESSSTTT HOOUUSSEEE]!! I am in 4th year mechanical engineering and survive off of icecaps, writing stupid shit, singing ALL THE TIME, and chasing waterfalls! I am beyond excited to soak up all the fun of frosh week with all of you lovely beings (see what I attempted to do there haha)! Tip: EXPLORE campus and also on the second day of frosh wear clothes you don’t care about (just trust me, we have something special in store for y’all)! Please come introduce yourself at frosh & ask me questions, we are here to make your time at Ryerson fun & enjoyable and I can’t wait to meet all of you!!!


Charlie Flieger


Bare Grillz here with more survival tips. Come to Frosh. Whether in first year or fifth, a week of fun filled events will be happening around Ryerson and Toronto. As Co-CapTaiN of tHe gReAtEst hOusE GaRy. Just kidding, we all know that house Spongebob will be the best house. For those lucky ones that haven’t met me, I am Charlie and the Co-Captain for house Spongebob. I am in my second year of civil  and I hope to see everyone out for Frosh Week and make House Spongebob the best house.

Our Theme Song