About the Event

Round & Round for 24hrs

Students and Faculty will push our bug around the Kerr Hall Quad for 24hrs non-stop.

Outdoor Activities

Once the bug starts moving join us in the Quad for exciting games and food.

Community Bonding

Everyone is invited to help push the bug.  Show us how you ride in style down the West Side.

Fundraising for SickKids

The reason we keep going. Donate what you can to the amazing SickKids Foundation. 

Proceeds from this event support The SickKids Foundation. For more information click Here.

Alessandro Quagliotto

Alessandro Quagliotto

Bug Commissioner
Anthony Cundari

Anthony Cundari

National Engineering Month Chair
Philip Martins

Philip Martins

Bug Commissioner

SickKids vs the Greatest Challenges In Child Health

“So much good work has led us to this point. We stand on the threshold of an unprecedented opportunity to conquer the greatest challenges in child health. Our next step will be a big leap forward. Embracing this challenge is an absolute necessity. Join us in this fight.” (SickKids Foundation)

Bug Push 2019 Closing Video

In the Rear View

Our 2019 Bug Push Sponsors

 Ryerson Engineering Student Society

350 Victoria Street (KHE123)
Toronto, ON M5B2K3, Canada

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