Frequently Asked Questions About Frosh Week

What is Frosh week?

Frosh Week is YOUR personal welcome party to the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. As fellow students, we know how hard it is to transition from high school to university so the Ryerson Engineering Student Society appoints dedicated student volunteers into the Engineering Spirit and Orientation Committee (EngSOC) to run an extremely fun week filled with events aimed to get you used to Ryerson, Toronto, and meet your fellow peers for the next 4+ years!

When is Frosh Week?

Frosh Week takes place between August 27th to August 31st, 2018.

How much is Frosh week?

IT’S FREE! Ryerson Engineering frosh week is 100% free for all incoming Ryerson Engineering students!

What do I need to bring/wear to Frosh Week?

Frosh week is a wild and fun time. Right off the bat, we have purpling so we recommend wearing old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Expect to be walking outside A LOT so bring comfortable shoes and wear a lot of sunscreen and keep hydrated. Keep an eye out for the weather and dress appropriately

Do not bring valuables (Laptops, electronics, jewelry etc), overly large bags, an actual lunch (We take care of our own so expect to be fed A LOT. Feel free to bring snacks but be sure to keep hydrated as you will be sweating).

What is purpling? Do I have to purple myself?

Purpling is an age old engineering tradition. We encourage you to purple yourself since it’s a great way to start off Frosh Week and a show off your spirit. It’s perfectly safe to do so as we use a medical dye. If you aren’t comfortable with purpling your whole body, you can do parts of it (even a pinky!). You could even just purple your clothes with handprints. The choice is yours! For more information on purpling, please visit our Traditions page.

What if I get hurt?

We have a bunch of leaders who are first aid certified to treat you right off the bat. Ryerson Security and RySERT are always nearby as well so in the worst case that you do get hurt, there’s always someone there who can help you out.

What if I don't drink?

We don’t either! All of the frosh week events (apart from the N00ner!? and Tea Party) are dry events for everyone to have fun at! At the N00ner!? (and at the end of the day) we’re chilling in the Ram in the Rye, our all ages campus pub. You don’t have to drink to have a good time there, and we won’t be drinking much there either. The only event to watch for if you’re uncomfortable around alcohol/drunk people is the Tea Party.

What if I don't know anybody?

THAT’S THE BEST QUESTION! The point of Frosh Week is getting to know the people that you’ll be spending your time at Ryerson with! All of our leaders will tell you that they made a ton of great friends at Frosh Week which is why they chose to become leaders. Just because you don’t know anyone on Monday, doesn’t mean you can say the same at the end of the week. An easy trick to remember for making friends at Frosh Week is to look to the people on your left and look to your right. Introduce yourself and boom, you’re all friends.

What if I am too tired?

Just sit back and chill! You don’t have to participate in all the active events, and just being around is a great way to meet new people! There will be both frosh and leaders off to the side on the active events (we’re dead too sometimes) so just hang out!

What if I can't afford food out?

BRUH WE GOT YOU. We cover you for most meals, and for the ones you don’t the McDonald’s and the Metro (found on the map) have food for not too much.

What if I can't afford ferry fare?

BRUH WE GOT CHU! Once again, RESS and the EngSOC pay for your round trip fare to Center Island. Just come out and enjoy the sun!

What is a frosh kit?

A bag of AWESOME! It has stuff like lanyards, a water bottle, a gym bag to hold the purple stuff, also a phone wallet for holding your student card, and most importantly, it has your Hardhat and T Shirt! Check “Frosh Kits” page at the top of our website to see the postings about frosh kits and purchase them ahead of time!

Where do I get a frosh kit?

Do I need a frosh kit to come to frosh?

Absolutely not! Our Frosh Week is absolutely free to attend regardless of whether you purchase a frosh kit or not. Our frosh kits are only there to ENHANCE your experience. The only thing that you need to bring is yourself and your RyEng spirit!

Do I need to register to come to frosh?

Absolutely not! Wristbands will be administered at the first mandatory event or through a mailout! Can’t wait to see you all there