House Baljeet 2021

House Baljeet Captain

Natalie (she/her)

Nickname: Da Vinci

“Hey y’all, I’m excited to be the Captain for house Baljeet (that failed math test costume really speaks to me). My leader nickname for this year is Da Vinci, but if you hear people call me Squonk all you have to do is look up that cryptid to figure out why it was my original nickname. I am an avid collector of random facts, so if the first conversation we have is you telling me your favourite one, that would be the bees knees! (Speaking of which, did you know that magnolias are pollinated by beetles because bees didn’t exist at the time?)”

House Baljeet Co-Captain

Max (he/him)

Nickname: Armistice

“Hello Yall! My name is Maxwell but please just call me Max. I’m going into my third year of Chem Eng at Ryerson, and I will be the Co-Captain for House Baljeet! When I’m not in the SLC stressing out about my courses you can find me doing work for some of the other student groups I’m on or playing OSU late at night. This is going to be my first year as a frosh leader and captain and I’m incredibly excited to meet every single froshie!”