House Buford 2021

House Buford Captain

Aidan (he/him)

Nickname: Nyeah Eh

“Howdy y’all🤠 My names Aidan aka. Nyeah Eh and I go by he/him pronouns. I’m super excited to be a Co-captain this year for Team Buford☠!! While us Bufords can seem intimidating at first, we have a soft side to us so you just have to get to know us. Outside of leading team Buford to victory you can definitely catch me at the beach playing volleyball or jamming out to some music🎵. Instagram: aidan_mcleod”

House Buford Co-Captain

Melissa (she/her)

Nickname: Snowblind

“Heyy nerds, it’s your co-captain Snowblind (Melissa). You all better wish you get in House Buford cuz that’s where all the kool kids gonna be! So a lil bit bout myself, I hate reading but will when necessary and I love munching on food. My current stomach filling favs are ice cream, grilled cheese, sushi, and pizza. Also, I’m going into my 3rd year of industrial engineering. So feel free to dm me if you have any questions or jus wanna talk. Anyways, can’t wait to meet y’all!! HOUSE BUFORD 4 LYFE”