House Candace 2021

House Candace Captain

Max (he/him)

Nickname: Fuck in Spanish

“What’s up What’s up! I can’t wait to be leading the best house this Frosh! Most of you know who Candace is, but everyone will know by the end of Frosh. When I’m not in uniform, I play video games (I’m probably worse than you unless it’s Rockband) and just vibe/play along to some metal.”

House Candace Co-Captain

Cait (she/her)

Nickname: 591st Pokemon

“Ayyy yooooo! I’m thrilled to be co-captain of the greatest house this year! House Candace is going to topple the competition. So if you’re a part of another house you better watch out or else YOU’RE GONNA BE BUSTED! Outside of Frosh I’m probably playing baseball then staying up till 8am in radiant Valorant lobbies (definitely not iron)”