House Stacy 2021

House Stacy Captain

Michaela (she/her)

Nickname: Sub not dub

“Hey y’all! I’m super excited to be the captain for House Stacy this year! How could you not think that the future president of Uruguay’s house isn’t the best house there is? I’m in my fourth and final *fingers crossed* year of Mechatronics, but when I’m not studying I’m probably working on tech for a play or musical, or trying to decide what colour to impulsively dye my hair next (I’m open to suggestions)!”

House Stacy Co-Captain

Diana (she/her/they/them)

Nickname: Accursed

“Hey everyone!! I can’t wait to rep House Stacy as it’s co-captain this year! On top of Stacy’s titles of future president of uruguay and disco mini golfing queen, we will definitely be going for the win in the end. Besides helping lead House Stacy, you can always find me cozying up with a book or binging hours of anime at a time.”