Leader Application and Information

  1. Apply on the google form: Click here
  2. Pick your interview time and tryout time (if necessary).
  3. Complete your interview and tryout .
  4. New Frosh Leaders will be chosen during Bug Push (March 21, 2019).
  5. The list will be sent out soon after. 

There really isn’t anything to prepare for. We just want to get to know you and why you what to be a leader. Interviews will mostly be held by Phil and Eggy but could be held by any EngSOC member.

  • Your way to make yourself standout and prove that you’re a truly spirited RyEng member
    • Show us what sets you apart
  • Can be live or video submitted… Or both
    • Honestly, the typical procedure is live or video but as long as we see it and know what you did in some way, it’s all good
  • There are many rules…
    • Ultimately, what you do is entirely your choice but we do not want you to break the rules we have set (Do you think you’ll be picked if you can’t follow rules???)
  • Still no music videos please
  • Group/Solo allowed
    • Use your judgement for which tryouts should be solo or in a group
  • No alcohol/drugs
    • We don’t care if you’re of age or not
  • No pyrotechnic materials
  • No Involvement of living or dead animals
    • Exceptions can be granted on request
  • No sexually explicit content
  • No discriminatory content
  • No breaking Ryerson’s academic or non-academic codes of conduct
  • DO NOT involve in any way any unconsenting individuals
If you have any questions please contact: [email protected]