Leader Application Info & FAQ

As a Ryerson Engineering frosh leader, you’ll be joining one of the hundreds of the most spirited community members at Ryerson! While the main goal is to welcome and orient the newest members of the ryEng community come next fall, you’ll also gain the experiences made along the way with your fellow community members. You’ll be the first person to help incoming students to Ryerson, acting as a role model, inspiration, friend, or all three (or more) but you’ll also be a representation of ryEng spirit. Where you go, ryEng spirit, your fellow leaders and a fun time are sure to follow!

To be considered as a potential frosh leader, you need to complete three items:

    1. An Application
    2. An Interview 
    3. A Tryout.

More details on each of these can be found below! Once applications are in, we’ll be making a Facebook group with everyone so if you don’t have us added, add someone on EngSOC and if you don’t have Facebook, make one for this. It’s the best platform to send you important updates and if you don’t want to check it for anything else (we don’t either) just check our group. Otherwise, follow @ryengsoc on Instagram for any other updates!

  • Apply with the google form linked [here]!

The Application aims to just cover general information about yourself and your potential tryout along with providing you the interview booking calendar. Applications need to be in by February 20th so don’t delay!

You will need to complete a 15 minute interview. These interviews are not skill based and you don’t need to dress up. We just want to get a good idea of why you want to be a frosh leader and how you feel about it! Interviews are ongoing through Reading Week until February 20th. Book your Interview by clicking here.

Each applicant must participate in a tryout. These tryouts take form in some way to express yourself creatively, whether it’s in a group or individually, we want to see you do something fun/creative that shows off why you can make a fun leader to be around. The topic of the tryout doesn’t matter as long as it adheres to our rules and it can take any form. Submit a video to [email protected], or book a live tryout time using the same calendar for interviews (let us know it is a live tryout) or any other way you can think of (as long as we see it). If you’re doing it with a group, make sure to let us know in the application and submit just one copy of your tryout per group. 

  • Don’t post on YouTube.
  • No music videos.
  • Send/Share your tryout file to [email protected]
  • No substance use in the tryout.
  • No stickering/damaging/vandalizing property.
  • No nonconsensual participants (human or animal).
  • Keep it in good-spirit and uphold a good ryEng name.
  • Use your Ryerson email on applications.
  • If you don’t have Facebook, please make one for this. Find one of us and add us or do it during interview.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact anyone on EngSOC (email, Insta, anyone individually).

Frequently Asked Questions

As big or small as you want! There is no restriction but just use your judgement on an appropriate tryout length. Remember: The bigger the group, the more work your tryout needs to put in to show off everyone in the group.

Anything! Truly. As long as we can see it someway, we just want to see you do something fun/interesting/creative. Ask people who came out to the “So you want to be a frosh leader” event for the types of things that have been done before (But don’t copy them).

Book another! You can book as many time slots as you want, find some that are back to back and just remember to type in the description what you’re planning. Tip: You can book your interview and tryout slots all together and get everything done at once.

Nope. While you all have to do your own interview and application, only one of you needs to submit a tryout. Just make sure to include a list of the names if you want to make sure there isn’t a mix up.

Likely, yes. Leaders have all gone through making their own tryout and have seen a bunch of others. They know most guidelines and if their unsure, they know to ask EngSOC. If you still aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to ask EngSOC yourself.

Nope! The order doesn’t matter as long as you’ve gotten an application in already (you could even do your interview before your application). Do it in whichever order works for you.

Message us! We’ll find a time that works for everyone so we can get your interview in (unless it’s past due, then we can’t help you, sadly).

If you haven’t guessed it already, just ask us! @ryengsoc on insta, any of our DMs or any other way you can think of.

If you have any other questions please contact: [email protected] or contact us @ryengsoc on Instagram.