An Introduction to Ryerson and Ryerson Engineering, hosted by the FYEO. (First Year Engineering Office)

An information session hosted by the FYEO. 

With Academic Orientation and the Writing Skills Test completed, Opening Ceremonies will introduce what the rest of Engineering Frosh is going to be. Learn about the events to come, how to navigate the online platform being used (Discord) and get introduced to your house-mates for the rest of the week.

The n00n3r!? (It’s always spelt like that) is a classic ryEng tradition done on the last Thursday of each month at noon. For online Frosh, it has been redesigned from a gameshow to a task completion challenge. Since it will be taking place at 5pm Ryerson time, it is noon in Alaska and we ensure that the name remains accurate. For this round of n00n3r!? challenges, everyone will be viewing and voting on frosh leaders and their submitted videos for how they completed this round’s challenge. The most creative, complex and just outright unnecessary solutions gets the most points for their house. Once those are all done with, the next challenge will be given to be completed by the next n00n3r!? on Thursday. This time, everyone will have time to try and complete the challenge and get their house the most points.

For the first night of online Frosh, join the rest of your house around the virtual campfire (being next to or simulating a campfire is not necessary but encouraged for optimal story telling conditions) for stories of ryEng, traditions, engineering and everything in between. Get to know your frosh leaders and fellow froshies in your house. Ask whatever questions you may have and maybe get a head start on completing your n00n3r!? Challenge introduced in the event prior. 

A Question and Answer Session, hosted in collaboration with RESS.

EngExpo is a showcase of the many student groups, design teams, course unions and more that are around Ryerson Engineering. Groups attending will have introduction videos to show you what they’re all about, members to ask questions and resources to look at if you’re interested in the team. If you want to get a look at everything ryEng has to offer throughout your years here, this is the best place for it. Many teams will have sign ups available so you could even get involved in one (or more) before your first official class.

Mingle around with your fellow froshies and frosh leaders while you watch a movie or play some Jackbox games. The games are run entirely from your leaders so all you need to join is something that can access the internet. You’re already in online Frosh so that should be set. Use your phone, computer, laptop or whatever you prefer. Games can be casual or if you want to be a bit more competitive and challenge some other houses to games, you could earn your house some precious points early before some of the big competitive events happen. 

EngOut is running a casual event during frosh on September 2nd from 11 am to 1 pm. EngOut supports the social and professional development of LGTBQA+ engineering students at Ryerson. We’ll be running Drag Race bingo as well as jackbox games on our discord. Come get to know the team, meet fellow Froshies as well as win some EngOut merch! All are welcome! Keep an eye out on our Facebook (@RyersonEngOut) and our Instagram (@ryerson_engout) for our Discord invite link closer to the date!

A typical Rube Goldberg machine is a machine designed to perform a simple task in a very convoluted, complicated way. As you are all aspiring engineers, we figure it would be a fitting challenge to have you construct a Rye Gouldberg machine. Which is a Rube Goldberg machine that is made without physically interacting with the other people you’re building it with. Houses will be given time to construct the segments of their machine and then stitch together a video of it running as if it were one continuous machine. Points are awarded for how well your house can make it but also for how many extra bonus challenges you complete with your machine. Might want to brush up on your simple machines and look up an example or two beforehand. We recommend looking up: “This Too Shall Pass by Ok Go”.

Are you talented? Are you untalented? So are we! At the Untalent Show, we’ll be showing off people’s talents as well as people’s lack thereof. Can you sing Wonderwall perfectly while hanging upside down? Can you juggle produce while reciting their barcode number backwards? No? Didn’t think so. But you can give that or many other things a try at the Untalent Show. Try things that other people are good at or show off something of your own for others to try (as long as they won’t hurt themselves). Talents AND untalents can win points for their house.

Bob Ross loved to share The Joy of Painting with people and we want to do the same. Except we can’t give you a canvas… Or paints… Or any brushes… But we can give you a computer drawing program for you and all of your house-mates to draw on and 10 minutes to recreate some artistic masterpieces together. Of course, you’ll be judged on many criteria for points against the other houses but now would be a good time to go watch some Bob Ross techniques if you want to score big.

CEN 100 will be your Introduction to Engineering class at Ryerson. With CEN 200, we wanted to help introduce you to some skills that would be useful during your time here. For this “class” you will be learning about presentation skills. Except you won’t know what you will be presenting until you’re up in front of everyone so you might want to rely more on your improvisation skills. Don’t worry though, nobody else knows what you’re presenting either and if you can fake it enough, they might just believe that you do… Volunteer to present, maybe with a partner or just sit back and watch the others try to present something they have no knowledge of. Your choice.

n00n3r!? In New Zealand is the second round of n00n3r!? activities for the week and will be taking all the submitted solutions to the challenge given from Monday to the stage (stream) to be judged by everyone. Like with the n00n3r!? In Alaska, we had to play around with the time-zones for it to still make sense. This time frosh and frosh leaders can both submit entries to try and get their house some points. Like the last n00n3r!?, the most complex, creative and astounding entries will get the most points but any submission will get you something so put yourself out there and give it a try!

It’s our time of the week to give back to the community. Shinerama is an annual fundraiser hosted by post-secondary schools across the country in the hopes of raising funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. This year, Shinerama will be virtual and packed with fun events where you can donate to see your leaders do very cold but spicy challenges?? Grab a phone, computer, laptop or IBM PC and come watch some fun challenges. This is a great way to meet your fellow froshies, become best friends with your leaders and most importantly raise money for charity. 

Closing Ceremonies will wrap up this year’s online Frosh with everyone getting together, looking back on the fun times in the week. People that won events and houses that won the most points will be announced and the raffle/auction winners from Shinerama will be revealed. With Frosh coming to a close, it means classes are coming up but if Closing Ceremonies shows one thing, it’s that everyone you will have met throughout the week, frosh or frosh leader is still gonna be with you throughout your years here. We will be in those classes, in future events and eventually all on campus together… And we can’t wait.