The 2019 EngSOC

Leah Roth Chair - "Madam Chair"

Leah Roth

Hey Y’all my name is Leah and I’m a 3rd year chemical engineering student. My job is to be the head honcho, the big cheese, the sherif or as I’m known around these parts Madam Chair. Being the chair(wo)man basically means overseeing my deputies who are your EngSOC and leading us into battle as we strive to make frosh 2019 the best in history! Anyways, it’s time for a coffee but if y’all see me around I’m always here to chat, answer questions and help out in any way I can.

Brent Gebuza Logistics Coordinator - "Longhorn Killah"

Brent Gebuza

Hi my name is Brent, but you can call me anytime 😉. I’m in my [sqrt(9)]th year of Aerospace Engineering, so it’s basically rocket science at this point. I am thrilled to be Coordinating the Logs for this upcoming Frog Speak as I have always been very fond of the trees and fascinated by wood in general. Aside from organizing my logs, you’ll always catch me playing with my moustache or hair, playing and/or dancing to some tunes, and being purple for too damn long.

Gianluca Basile Communications Coordinator - "FIRST"

Gianluca Basile

Hey everyone! The name’s Gianluca, but someone will inevitably change it. I’m in 2nd Year Mech planning to specialize in Mechatronics. I coordinate the look and branding for EngSOC and Frosh. Whether it’s shirts, bandannas, flags, websites or patches, I’ve thrown my creative flare on them all. See me around and you might show up on our various social media. And always if you have any questions, feel free to contact us! ​

Jwalit Bharwani Finance Coordinator - "Lafayette"

Jwalit Bharwani

Hello everyone, my name is Jwalit (J-wallet (challenge: Come up with your own wacky way to say it)) and I will be managing the finances and ordering of the merch as part of my portfolio. I am very excited to work with the team to give all of you the best Frosh while saving as much as we can (Broke uni life yall!) Feel free to approach me on social media or in person if you have any questions, concerns or for the challenge answers!

Alex Kostas Leader Coordinator - "EGGY"

Alex Kostas

Hello RyEng warriors of all variations! It’s ya boi Eggy of the Erton and I’m one of your Leader Coordinators for EngSOC. Being Leader Coordinator essentially means I get to amass an army of loud people wearing blue coveralls to overthrow my enemies but I also have to interview and train all of them first so it’s kind of give and take I guess. If any of my minions is out of line, come tell me and I’ll make sure they get purpled.

Philip Martins Leader Coordinator - "Mouse"

Philip Martins

Hey guys, I'm Phil and alongside Eggy, I’m one of the leader coordinators this year! I'm in mech and going into third year. I like to think that I can hold a conversation on almost every topic, especially sports and music, but if you want to nerd out and talk science with me, I can totally do that too. I play a lot of sports, namely rugby, soccer, and ultimate, and I'm up for any impromptu games during frosh week! You'll see me wearing the distinctive EngSOC cowboy hard hat during frosh week; don't be afraid to come up and chat! I'm so excited for this year’s frosh, I can’t wait!

Trestan Elsea Shinerama Coordinator - "Ol' Musky"

Trestan Elsea

Hello! My name's Trestan or Ol'Musky. I'm a second year civil specializing in transportation, and I'll be your Shinerama Chair. This means your frosh's Friday morning is all mine! But I'll make it fun with a car smash, dunk tank and some other surprises to raise money and support for people with Cystic Fibrosis. That morning you'll likely find me in the dunk tank, but otherwise I can usually be found screaming chants, 2009 pop punk lyrics or kpop songs. I'm always down to talk if you see me, though! I hope you enjoy frosh!