The 2021 EngSOC

2021 Team will be posted soon!

The 2020 EngSOC

Alex Kostas Chair - "Eggy"

Alex Kostas

Hey ryEng! My name’s Eggy and I’m your EngSOC Chair this year. I, as well, represent the all too common Mechanical Engineers. It’s my job to oversee and guide all the other lovely folks who you’ve been introduced to. When I’m not half baking some side project or studying for classes, I’m hatching new ideas for spirit related things for ryEng. I’ve been a part of this community for a long while so if you ever have any questions, I’m more than happy to field them 💜🐏

Lucas Church Logistics Coordinator - "Cheshire"

Lucas Church

Hiya folkerinos, I'm Lucas a.k.a. "Cheshire". I'm one of the rare engineering species in Biomedical Engineering, currently in my second year. I love to sing but am terrible at it, making me the worst thing to happen to karaoke night. I'll be working as your logistics coordinator for this year's frosh week! It's my job to make sure that the week goes smoothly, and enforce maximum fun.

Serena Alli Communications Coordinator - "Waluigi"

Serena Alli

Hey y’all, I’m Serena (or Waluigi). I’m a 3rd year Computer Engineering kid, and I’ll be your Communications Coordinator this year! I make the graphics, design the look of frosh, and keep all of you updated on events and more! Aside from putting together graphics, you can find me losing in Mario Kart or yelling the RyENG chant as loud as I possibly can. I’m super excited to meet all of you and I’ll do my best to get you as hyped for Frosh 2020 as I am! ✌🏽

Danielle Hill Finance Coordinator - "Daddy's Girl"

Danielle Hill

Hey Y'all, its Danielle here, also known as "Daddy's Girl" or "dani". I am in Mech and going into my third year! I am in charge of the finances and ordering all your merch for frosh!! If you hear someone screaming louder than most of the room, it’s probably me, although I promise I can speak at a normal volume if you ever wanna chat!

Oisín O'Coileáin Childerson Leader Coordinator - "Indy"

Oisín O'Coileáin Childerson

Howdy, I’m Indy, or Oisin (Uh-Sheen), and I’m in my second year of Mechanical Engineering. This year, I’m one of your two Leader Coordinators for Frosh 2020! I can’t wait to meet all of you and, you know, coordinate y’all. If you ever need someone to sing another verse, come my way!

Charlie Flieger Leader Coordinator - "Bare Grillz"

Charlie Flieger

Hello, I’m Charlie or Bare Grillz, I am in my second year of civil engineering and I will be one of your leader coordinators for this years EngSOC team. I am very excited to see all the tryouts and have a great 2020 Frosh.

Megan Kosarnia Shinerama Coordinator - "Bigfoot"

Megan Kosarnia

Ho ho ho!🎄My name is Megan or Bigfoot and I’m your Shinerama Coordinator!!! I’m in my second year of Chem Eng and Shine is the day that we give back to the community by hosting a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis. I’m extremely loud and passionate so just prepare yourself…. ALSO LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!