House Monster's Inc

A chance to reach your top scarer potential! Time to attend your own Monster's University

House Captain: Brandon Walsh

Yo what’s up it’s ya boi, Brandon Walsh. In first year the top scarer was “D2L Grades page” and in second it was “NBC credit bill”.

House Vice Captain: Prakavi Rajapratheepan

Hey RyEng!

I go by the name of iClicker, and I’m one of your co-captains for the house Monsters! As of now, i am entering my second year of Biomedical Engineering! I promise I don’t bite, so ask any sorts of questions you have about Ryerson and engineering! Hope to see you!

– iClicker (Prakavi Rajapratheepan)

House Cars

Time to be on your track to the new you in frosh! Time to get into House Cars

House Captain: Anthony Cundari

Hey, I’m Anthony and I’m starting my third year of chemical engineering. But that’s enough about school, let’s talk about what you really wanna hear about, frosh. I’m the house leader of cars and I’ll bet you my front axle that we’re gonna have a sick time. Engineering is a CULTure unlike anything on campus and I’m super excited to show you what it really means to be an engineering student at Ryerson. So rev up your engines and get ready for a week you won’t forget. KACHOW B… FRIENDS!

House Vice Captain: Tarab Shah

Hi, I’m Tarab, I’m in Aerospace. Rapid fire facts include my love for strawberry smoothies, house flipping shows and cold weather. I don’t believe in putting cereal first. You’ll usually find me snoozing somewhere or curled up on a rolly chair in KHW. Forever on a quest to catch the GOTrain #PrestoTookALLMyMoney . Hope you guys love frosh as much as I do. Promise my personality isn’t as plain as my covies! Welcome to House Cars. KACHOW B….. FRIENDS.

House Incredibles


House Captain: Neha Patel

My name is Neha Patel and I will be going to my third year of Civil Engineering. In between lectures and labs, I like to try new restaurants, practice my photography (IG: @npviews), watching The Office, and reviewing spicy memes on Twitter. My favorite spot on campus is the 8th floor of the Student Learning Centre. My favorite event during frosh week is purpling because it shows other students at Ryerson our engineering spirit. Also, I am the Co-Founder of Humans of RyEng; a platform where engineering students can share their stories. Check it out on Instagram and Facebook: @humansofryeng

House Vice Captain: Aidan Messom

I am going into my fifth year of industrial engineering and since I am finally graduating this was my last chance to become a frosh leader. As a first time leader I am so happy to be co-captain of house Incredibles. It took me four years to find my engineering spirit and I hope that all of you wont make the same mistake—this is your chance to step outside of your comfort zone, make new friends, and have a wild frosh week!

House Up

Up Up and Away

House Captain: Alessandro Cunsolo

First time I’ve needed Bio since like 10th grade but here goes:

So here’s the Lituation, frosh week is basically my motivation for the other 8ish months of engineering stuff that we need to do leading up to it, but keeping involved within the RyEng community throughout has been a blessing. You can catch me chanting almost anywhere and the bar at the Ram is my second home.

Let’s see if any of you can learn more verses of Godiva than I do before the end of Frosh week

House Vice Captain: Erica Romaniuk

Hello my dudes and dudettes this is Dye Job!! You will probably spy me running around campus, icecap in hand, looking for a waterfall to chase in between my mechanical engineering classes 😉 I also happen to have the honour of being one of your very own fabulous, incredibly goofy, and hyper, Engitors this year!  In my spare time you will find me singing at the top of my lunges, swimming, and studying combat engineering with CAF (I know what you’re thinking… more engineering, is she crazy?) Yes. She definitely is.

Can’t wait! Enjoy! Hopefully this is good!

House Nemo

How do you survive school? Just keep swimming

House Captain: Victoria Lo

Hi there, my name is Victoria and I’m a third year computer engineering student! During the year you’ll find me studying or at the gym, and during exam season I stress bake a lot so hmu if you ever want cookies or banana bread. I also really like dogs, so if you have one please bring it to frosh pls.

House Vice Captain: "Eggy" Kostas

Hey hey! My name’s Eggy and I’m one of your co-captains for house Nemo this year. I’m in my second year of mechanical engineering and anything else you want to know, you’ll have to ask at frosh. Come by for as many events as you can! You’re not gonna want to miss any, trust. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask anything you want. I’m on campus for the whole frosh week (and for the next few years, I guess).

House Toy Story

To infinity and there's a snake in my boot!

House Captain: Joseph Magnoli

Joseph’s a pretty neat-o dude who spends his time doing pretty neat-o things. Having done a lot of work with the school’s Concrete Toboggan Team, he’s now the VP Operations of the Ryerson Society for Civil Engineering. He’s a lover of carbs, hater of pickles, has a face for radio and a voice for literature. If you ever want to have in-depth discussions regarding the unattractiveness of the human foot, or want a consultation on how to construct your backyard toolshed, just hit him up in MON101. Don’t be a stranger folks, because no matter where you’re going, there you are.

House Vice Captain: Philip Martins

Hey guys, I’m Philip (you can call me Panini Bill) and I’m a co-captain for the Toy Story house this year! I’m in mech and going into second year. I like to think that I can hold a conversation on almost every topic, especially sports and music, but if you want to nerd out and talk science with me, I can totally do that too. I play a lot of sports, namely rugby, soccer, and ultimate, and I’m up for any impromptu games during frosh week! You’ll see me wearing the distinctive and honourable Ram Guard helmet during frosh week; don’t be afraid to come up and chat! I’m so excited to see what happens this year at frosh!