House Yoda

Welcome to House Yoda! Even though Yoda himself is the oldest and tiniest of the Star Wars crew, it doesn't mean that the house of wisdom can't kick some butt and show the Jedi fetuses a thing or two about having a great time at frosh! House Yoda is excited to welcome you all! #smolbutmighty

House Captain: Katherine Chan
Katherine is a biomedical engineering student who had the chance to scare the froshies (due to overenthusiasm) as a Vice-Captain last year. She’s been a part of the Engineering Society as Biomedical Director, the Biomedical Engineering Society as a representative, and likes emojis and Facebook stickers a little bit too much. Her most valuable advice includes what the most comfortable napping spots on campus are and where to study but just watch Youtube instead. Feel free to say hi when you see her!
House Vice Captain: Alessandro Cunsolo

Alessandro Cunsolo, also known as “The Lituation”, is a second-year Aerospace Engineering student and the Vice Captain for House Yoda at Frosh Week 2017! He has strong passions for aviation, engineering spirit and cracking open cold ones with the boys.

Alessandro is actively involved with the Ryerson and external community; along with his role as a frosh leader, he is a Project Coordinator for the Ryerson Space Society, a junior member of the Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute and a member of the RESS Academic Council. Last year, Alessandro was elected Vice President- Student Affairs for the Aerospace course union, and has also recently been appointed marketing coordinator for the 2018 Conference on Diversity in Engineering, hosted here at Ryerson.

Alessandro is easily approachable and frequently on campus, so make sure to look out for him especially during frosh week, at N00N3RS and at any other amazing engineering events that are held throughout the year!

House Skywalker

Welcome to HouseSkywalker!

House Captain: Tanzina Nowshin

I’m Tanzina Nowshin and I’m here to rescue you from your worries and make sure you have an amazing time! I’m a third year Mechanical Engineering student and also involved in various student involvements so feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I’m full of of hype and enthusiasm so let’s have some fun together and make this frosh a memorable one!

House Vice Captain: Jeffrey Hui

Hello, I’m Jeff! I’m going into my 2nd year of Computer Engineering and I’ll be your Vice Captain for House Skywalker!. Tell me about your dog. Bonus points if you bring them. Feel free to find me and ask me questions, I have approximate knowledge of many things. Welcome to the next {n | 4 ≤ n ≤ 8} years of your life!

House Maul

Welcome to House Maul!

House Captain: Francesca Garieri

Coming Soon

House Vice Captain: Kent Penaranda
Hey! I’m Kent Penaranda, 3rd Year Mech Eng, and I am so excited for the Frosh theme this year. I mean PEW PEW PEW, light saver! Kksssshhhh! Vrãu vrãu. Dark Vader and Luke Skyscraper and hello there obi 1 cannoli and r2v2 and 3pceo and chewbacco. i love star trek. May the Force be ever in your favour.
P.S Greedo shot first

House Vader

Welcome to House Vader!

House Captain: Jaskiran Lamba

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House Vice Captain: Sahra Shams

I’m in my second year of industrial engineering and I cannot wait to start the year off with Frosh! I’ve been really involved with Ryerson; I was in the Awards Excellence Commitee and have been involved with Women in Engineering. I’m super adventurous and also super excited to represent House Vader. Remember, it’s good to be bad.

House Ren

Welcome to House Ren!

House Captain: Jonathan Licari

My name is Jonathan Licari, Captain of House… [see more]

House Vice Captain: Mathias Sawicki

Coming soon