The Team

You can’t spell “Frosh Week” without EngSOC. Well, you can, but you definitely can’t have an fantastic week without this amazing team.

Odin - One Half of The Leader Coordinators

My name’s Odin and I am one of the two Leader Coordinators on this year’s EngSOC! You can find me building a toboggan out of concrete or eating copious amounts of food whenever I’m on campus. I’m going into my 3rd year of civil engineering here at Ryerson and am looking forward to a great Frosh week with all of you!

Mathias - The Other Half of The Leader Coordinators

Globe trotter. Man of few words. Mathematician. First aider. Film maker. Actor. Father. Golfer. Hairdresser. Tanker. Expert car packer. International man of mystery.

Mr. Bean was a pretty cool guy

Leah - An Entire Finance Coordinator

Third year. Chemical engineering. Sleep deprived. Country singer. Sports (most of them) enthusiast. You can usually find me anywhere on campus looking for a reason to procrastinate or trying to find my next caffeine fix. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you coffee and ROTH BLOOD runs through my veins! (It’s true, I have a hoodie to prove it)

John - That Chair No One Wants To Sit On But Everyone Needs

Hey all, I’m John and I’ve been Froshie John, Leader John, and now Chair John, through 3 evolution stages I’m hoping I can finally graduate soon. I’m currently on my internship year (and feel free to ask me about that), but when it’s done I’ll be heading into my fourth year of electrical engineering here at Ryerson. I’m the chair for frosh this year, so all questions you have, feel free to ask and I’ll most likely know the answer, and if not, I’ll find someone who does. I’m here and I’ve been putting in the work this year to ensure that all new incoming students have an amazing frosh week and learn the campus. Can’t wait to see you all this year, it’s going to be amazing!

Divyansh - Totally Not President For Life RESS President

Hey folks,
Welcome to the Ryeng Family! My name is Div, it’s short for Divyansh. I’m going into my 4th year of Aerospace Engineering. This year I’m the president of the Ryerson Engineering Student Society and I couldn’t be more happy to be meeting all of you. Frosh is the best time of the year you will be led by the most and wall and experience students at Ryerson you an engineering. You will be making friends that you will be spending time with you for the rest of your lives. It’s just a sweet taste of what’s to come, and your time at University will be the best time of your life. When you look back, make sure you remember the adventures, accomplishments and the fun times you had. I highly recommend getting involved as it will ensure that you get the best experience you deserve. From being a frosh leader, to going to different cities for competitions and conferences and joining design teams the choice is yours. That being said starting university is in like starting in high school just remember all your frosh leaders and RESS is here if you ever need anything.